Gas Cookers

Did you know its illegal to install your own gas cooker ? Most people don’t and the average DIY’er will not think twice about disconnecting or moving it.  Its very important, especially if your a landlord to deal with Cookers properly, they are potentially lethal. You are required by law to have them professionally installed and checked, regardless of what your builder may tell you, and do remember you are liable.

We can help you with both Gas and Electric cookers and use a bit of common sense, so while your cooker is installed we also complete statutory safety checks on other appliances around the house, safe for another year.  Its also a good idea to consider combining your install with a boiler service it saves you money gets the whole job done in one go.


Landlord gas safety certificates. Both commercial and domestic

Safety checks are a legal requirement and deductible expense from your property.  We can carry out of the statutory checks in one go and its always a good idea to combine this with any servicing needs you have it saves money and disruption.