Boiler Servicing

How is your boiler ? Have you had it serviced recently ? There are numerous nightmare stories of faulty boilers killing families while they sleep, but thankfully this is rare.  The much more common and annoying problem is boilers just don’t start when you want them, and we all know how expensive emergency callouts can be! 

Like British Gas we are qualified Gas Safe boiler engineers, we undergo the same stringent training and have the same equipment to ensure your boiler is working perfectly, the only difference is we are a lot cheaper and provide a local personal service.

Boiler breakdowns (fault finding and repair)

Boilers do breakdown, its an annoying fact of life, even new ones have off days.  We have been in the business 28 years and we have dealt shapes and sizes, we know them well.  Our guys are not only qualified in the leading brands like Valiant Advanced etc they also know the old faithful makes and models fitted years ago. 

More often than not its not the boiler its self that broken down its a contributing factor, could be a pump, clogged system, valves that are jammed or no longer working, and all sorts of other things.  Our guys will come and diagnose the problem and give you options how we can rectify the issue now.  We then work with you to come up with a solution that you can plan for in advance that could be a replacement boiler, power flush, re routing some, pressuring, but crucially all things that can be scheduled in when your ready and at a more convenient time. 

What we don’t do is just swap in parts and do bodge fixes leaving you with an ongoing problem that keeps costing more and more money.  We believe in working with our clients to get a long term effective solution they can afford.